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Welcome to our technical support and frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.
Below, we've complied a list of frequently asked questions regarding obtaining a web site hosting.
  Q :  
Our organization needs a web site, but we really don't need to register a domain name... can you help us?
  A :  
Yes. We can create domain names such as YourName.hehost.com for you. There is no extra setup charge and no registration is necessary. This also means that you will not pay any yearly licensing fee to a domain registration authority. Such domains are immediately active.
  Q :  
Can you host domains from other countries?
  A :  
Yes, HeHost.com can host any domain from any country.
  Q :  
I have multiple domains with another hosting provider. How can I switch them to HeHost.com?
  A :  
Simply visit our contact us page for email information and we'll assist you in the transfer process.
  Q :  
With all the extra room you give in a web hosting account, I want to have multiple domains resolve to sub-directories of one account that I buy - thus reusing the extra space I don't need. Can I do this?
  A :  
Yes. Visit our contact us page for email information and we'll tell you more about that.
  Q :  
I'm not sure how much Disk space I will need. Can you customize an account for me?
  A :  
Yes. HeHost does not require you to choose from a set hosting plan. We will customize an account for you to fit your exact needs. We're in business to help your business.
  Q :  
How long does it take to obtain an account?
  A :  
Once we receive confirmations of transferring a domain hosting to us from another hosting company, As soon as you sign up and your payment information is approved you will receive a setup letter with all account information. Depending upon account type, this process is normally same day, and often within a few hours of ordering.
  Q :  
How good is the quality of your hosting?
  A :  
HeHost's services are created with the idea that your web site must be up 100% of the time. We know that some companies may offer much more web hosting space for lower costs. They often do this by over-packing servers to keep prices down. Instead, our philosophy is to provide reliable and responsive service.. even if it costs just a little bit more.

Powerfull Hosting at HeHost.com, just $7.99 per Month.

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